Privacy Notice Data GmbH, Universitätsring 10, A-1010 Wien („“) is the operator and copyright holder of a number of websites including but not limited to and is an independent information provider.

With reference to compliance with GDPR please also refer to the „Datenschutzerklärung“ of the platform operator. considers customer privacy to be a fundamental aspect of its relationship with investors and asset managers. is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and security of its current, prospective and former clients' non-public personal information and practices policies that are designed to protect this confidentiality, while allowing client needs to be served.

As far as the platform is concerned the platform operator limits the collection of personal data of investors and asset managers to the minimum which is necessary to perform the services of the platform (mostly but not limited to e-mail notifications for new requests, responses, messages and support activities as well as password reset functions). does not integrate any advertising tools or adserver technology on the website. Website analysis software is integrated on the landing page only but not inside the platform once users are logged in. This ensures that no user activity is tracked and no information on individual activities is stored by external analysis tools. Proprietory internal logfiles are produced and operated by as the platform operator to provide the necessary information to users in cases when it is needed.

Investors and asset managers may provide personal contact details in their user account and make this information available to other platform users as part of the regular business on the platform. The nature of the platform is the exchange of information and the provision of contact information for further information. Investors and asset managers are responsible for the information which is saved in their user account and their team accounts and for the information given by them to other users or the platform operator is committed to protecting your data and respecting your privacy. Your choice to register with this website site is a freely made, active indication that you agree to collection and use of your personal data to operate the platform as set out in this „Privacy Notice“. If you neither understand nor agree to the use of your data in this way, please do not register. When you visit our sites and choose to register as a user, complete contact details and company information you provide us with personal data which we use to operate the functions of the platform with a focus on providing information on investor requests and asset manager responses. When you browse our sites you passively provide personal data via cookies and similar technologies which we might use to enable you to use the features of our website (see cookie information below).

Registering with and consenting for to use the personal data you provide to operate the platform functions requires that you understand how uses the personal data. will use the personal data to assist you in operating the platform functions and to inform you about relevant information in connection with requests and responses via e-mail, telephone, SMS and post mail. ensures that your personal data will only be used as defined by yourself. Third parties only have access to those data if you provided them yourselves by communicating with those third parties. might deliver online advertising formats on the platform and might integrate advertising messages in e-mail communication to platform users but will not provide advertising partners any personal data of platform users except data from external website traffic analysis systems like Google Analytics and other similar technologies. The act of registering with an site indicates your consent for to use your personal data ‘for gain’ in this manner. You may withdraw this consent (opt out) freely and at any time via deleting your data in the „My Account“ area on the website, by emailing to or by telephone +43-1-5333444-10. may use cookies and similar technologies to store information such as your User ID and your session identifiers to enable us to identify whether you are registered on to the websites and, if so, to make access faster and simpler. If you allow us to record this information we can provide you with a ‘site experience’ and marketing tailored to your information preferences. Should you wish a generic experience you can remove and/or disable cookies using the controls provided by your browser. If you are unfamiliar with these controls, please visit where you will find information to help manage important information storage choices.

You are free to choose whether to accept cookies or not, however we cannot guarantee full operability of our websites should you disable cookies. This information storage occurs passively, without your interaction.

We are not responsible for the data policies, procedures or content of any other website that is linked to/from our websites. Please read their privacy notices carefully before providing any personal information. For information on how these third parties use your data please read their privacy policies.

To ensure that our records are up-to-date, we will maintain contact with you to check that the information we hold remains accurate. Where appropriate we will contact you or a representative from your company or group to ensure that our information remains accurate. If, however, any of the details you provided change and you would like us to reflect that change, please contact us at or +43-1-5333444-11 and we will be happy to update your details. might have responsibility under legislation or regulation to verify the identity of registered users and may need to obtain information from you for that purpose. By using the sites you confirm that all information you supply will be accurate and that we may pass on such information, as we consider necessary, to comply with any regulatory requirements.

You have the right to receive information about the personal information we hold on you. You can obtain a copy of the information by sending an email to or by contacting us on +43-1-5333444-10. If you are concerned that any of the information we hold on you is incorrect, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. is based in Vienna/Austria and will host data on servers in Austria and might also operate servers in other countries within the European Union. might also operate software for e-mail communication, website analysis, usability improvement and other functions which are operated by third party service providers. Registered users provide with their consent to use third party service providers and their procedures to carry out the tasks necessary to provide the required services and the relevant information. will exercise upmost care in selecting service providers but third party service providers do not have to be independently assessed by for having adequate privacy policies themselves or adequate legal protection procedures.

You can change your personal information preferences and/or details at any time via the „My Account“ section. If you believe we have not met any of our obligations, please contact us in the first instance by e-mail via or +43-1-5333444-10. Data GmbH
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