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350+ Investors

Get unbiased access to the global Asset Manager universe and the most recent information tailored to your unique Search Request requirements. Use your own questionnaires or easily customizable industry templates in an innovative and flexible Request format. Source information from Asset Managers to meet Due Diligence, Peergroup Review, Disclosure and Reporting requirements. Benefit from a highly time- and cost-effective integrated process for Analysis, Selection, Feedback, Documentation and one-click Reporting.

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1700+ Asset Managers

Get notified on investment Search, Due Diligence, Peergroup Review, Disclosure and Reporting Requests free of charge. Don’t miss the opportunity to provide Investors with your most current information specifically required for unique Requests from Investors which conventional databases might fail to deliver. Contact Investors using a Request related message system. Keep Investors up to date with your Company Profile, News Feed, SRI Online Catalogue and other ESG information and data.

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